Delicate seafood(s) - I suggest calimari. I would suggest scallops, but they’re so costly when they aren’t Red Listed it would be a real shame if something went wrong. Although, you did only buy 3 boxes of hot pockets (for the experiment, i’m sure you didn’t buy any additional for yourself).

Calimari, on the other hand, can turn to shit really fast. If you buy it frozen, it says so on the package! It’s the seafood equivalent of an avocado. As soon as it’s near a heat source, it’s already 25% rubber. It can also be perfectly succulent, used in an wide array of dishes and temperatures, star on it’s own or join the party. A good fra diavolo can turn your tastebuds upside down.

Also, as far as wild caught seafood is concerned, pf or fresh is fairly inexpensive.