So here is an interesting one. Went on a road trip, decided to treat myself to a nicer (for my 20 year old ass at the time) hotel. Paid around $200 for the night. I had a manual 2008 Mazda3 GT sedan at the time, which was identical to the one in the picture. Not a bad car by any means, but far from spectacular.

So I get to the hotel, valet it in, then go out for supper with the car. When I came back, same valet is walking towards me, says hi, I hand him the key, he gives me the ticket. I always take note of the mileage when I valet, so I’m not worried.

The next morning, as I get to my car, I notice there is 550km (340mi) more on the odometer. My seat is in the correct position, my mirrors are good, the car is clean, and the gas is exactly where I left it, if not a touch more. So I go see the guy, take him aside, and ask what the fuck is going on.

Turns out he had a new girlfriend in a city 1h45 away, and his car was in the garage. He thought I wouldn’t notice the mileage, put the gas back where it was, and that he was sorry. He begged me not to get him fired, and as strange as it seems, I had a good vibe about this guy. I didn’t know what to do, and then he said “I’ll pay you for it. How does $300 sound?”.

So this ended up being a free road trip.