I stayed at hotel in Providence that required you to valet. Although my car made it through just fine, while I was waiting to get my car one morning I got to witness a shit show involving a fairly gnarly sounding mini cooper and a valet that apparently A, couldn’t quite figure out the clutch and B, didn’t know how to back up using mirrors. The cooper’s back window was completely blacked out. The valet exited the garage and pulled into the circle in front of the entrance. He stalled the car three times trying to get it backed in. The curbing was quite tall... The car was that perfect height in the back where it just barely didn’t clear the curb. While the valet backed the car over the curb, the worst scraping noise could be heard. And I swear the car actually lifted off the suspension a good bit before the valet shut it off.

Valet gets out, and immediately notices he’s put the car ON the curbing. Gets back in. Stalls the car 2 more times before getting the car off the curb. About a minute later a younger gentleman strolls out the door and picks up his keys from the valet stand. Not to stereotype but I pretty much knew the Cooper was his... Nobody says a word to him, and lets him walk to his car. He gets in and starts it up and the whole time I’m thinking, no one said shit to this guy about his bumper! I started to get that nervous feeling knowing that I was going to have to be the narc and speak up. In order for the cooper to exit the circle, he had to drive past where I was standing. I waived him over to me. He rolled the window down and I basically laid out what I had witnessed before he came out.

I sort of stepped away at that point... He got out, looked at his rear bumper and then yelled “fuck” loud enough that people inside the lobby stopped to see what was happening. I have no idea if the Hotel took care of the guy cause I got the F out of there before the rest of the eruption took off.

Like I get it, shit happens. The valet didn’t screw the guys bumper up on purpose. But for fuck sake, own it.