Former HR Manager/Claims for a valet company, here’s some claims I had to handle that our valets managed to land us:

1. DMC (Detroit Medical Center), had the fiberglass roof sheared off of conversion vans because staff did not pay attention and went into the parking garage when there was a 6ft ceiling. Usually, these vehicles belonged to handicapped individuals/families so it was a shitstorm when it happened. (Are we still there, probably not since they decided to unionize at DMC)

2. Staff rearending other vehicles because they did not understand how to use hand controls on the steering wheel.

3. Valet fired for: stealing food from hospital refrigerator and offering to other valets. If he was not tipped, he would keep turning the ignition while the vehicle was on and if it was a manual, purposely rev or ride the clutch.

4. Minivan stolen from DMC because valet gave keys to somebody without a ticket. Vehicle was found later undamaged but with trash in it and crack in the back of the minivan.

5. Car caught fire after being parked at hotel. We didn’t bite for that one but it did happen.

6. Man called saying we stole his watermelon after he used our valet services. Turns out the watermelon rolled under the backseat.

7. Burnt clutch on a 911 Turbo, owner of company tried to get us to deny the claim but it turned out it was his friend, so the owner reneged and got the clutch replaced.

8. Feel good story: Cancer patient had vehicle damaged by valet, she sent us three estimates. Company policy was to go with the lowest estimate and send them a check. Claimant calls, says she realized the cheapest one does terrible work and wanted a different estimate. I advised her to go somewhere that you know is expensive so the shop you want looks cheap. Tore up the third estimate and waited for new one, feel good moment of the day.

Here’s my handy dandy guide I wrote for Jalopnik many moons ago regarding valet services:…