It all Started with this article:…

So what did I do? I went out... found an amazing deal on a 6MT C2 with the upgraded interior, sunroof....and an IMS that was never touched.

Spent 2 months tracking down electrical gremlins and had it all ironed out, even bought the IMS to replace myself.

Then this happened!…

Car was stolen in SF from a Valet that I used weekly. Im not saying that the poor 19 year old kid was at fault... but it did get stolen while in the possession of a valet, which makes it my worst valet story.

My car was stolen at gunpoint from a valet; thats my worst story.

When the car was recovered, it had been used in two other crimes that day. Was in multiple accidents, and was totally trashed!

When the bill to replace the interior, rear suspension, left side of the car. Front end, and drivers side front end, plus pull the engine to figure out the rough idle passed the 31K mark... my insurance company totalled it out.

Still miss that car... need to get another one.