Was teenager. Had SHO. Back when SHO was cool. Valet parked it at a garage, went to a three-hour-long dinner, at a restaurant with a convenient view of the street. During dinner, see what appears to be a twin of my SHO gunning the engine and attempting street-racing. In fact, looked uncannily like my SHO, but couldn’t be totally sure without seeing the plates, which I didn’t see.

After long dinner, back to the car. Radio station presets are changed. A few weeks later, get the cellphone bill — yes, this was the nineties, with car-installed phones — they had made $500 of calls during their time with the car.

That was the last time I ever allowed my own car to be valet parked. Rental cars, sure, have at it. In some desperate situations with no non-valet option, I’ve tipped the valet to let me drive the car to the valet parking garage myself and keep the keys myself.

I still miss that SHO.