I worked for a valet for two years and the weirdest thing that ever happened was when my two coworkers and I watched a car get stolen, and did absolutely nothing about it.

So we had a small lot next to the restaurant that we share with the employees that we could watch from our stand. There are usually some cars parked there before we arrive before dinner, and that day there was a gold Subaru Legacy, among others. Anyway, this guy comes up and through a thick accent asks “Do you know where my car is?” After first not understanding the question, we confusedly tell the guy that we just set up and haven’t parked any cars yet. So he walks off and we get back to throwing stuff at each other because valets are idiots. About two minutes later we see the same guy come back. Curiously, we watch him stroll right into the lot, unlock this Subaru with the fob, get in, start it up, and drive away. Weird, but we figure the guy must have forgotten where he parked.

Thirty minutes later, a young man I later learn to be the owner’s son comes up to us and asks us where his gold Subaru Legacy is. “Somebody drove that right out of the lot,” I responded. After reassuring him that there were no other gold Subaru Legacies in our lot and a quick check of the restaurant’s cameras, we realize that this guy lifted the keys from his coat pocket, searched around for the car, and once he found it proceeded to drive (as we later found out) all the way to Denver. Despite that long trip, the car was recovered without damage. Next time he came back he let us keep track of his keys.