It’s very hot. I am staying in. I have some errands to run but I think I will do them tomorrow. The sky is a pale leaden colour and they have predicted storms, high winds and possibly even hail, and a good storm is always worth watching - if you are safely indoors and dry, that is.

Urban renewal continues at Casa Finch - I went out yesterday to replace my garbage can and bathroom wastebasket with superior, dog-proof versions. I located a sturdy, dog-proof tin in which to keep kibble. And more cleaning needs to be done. This is because the dog I have been looking at, and the one the rescue appears to be calling my references about, has disappeared from the rescue’s website. Is it possible he might be intended for me??? This has sent me into a panic spiral: where is the dog walker’s number? Could they hold him until I have the weekend off and could spend the entire time getting to know him and introducing him to the neighbourhood? This is all unnecessary fretting as, near as I can tell, rescue approval moves at a glacial pace, and really I know almost nothing about the dog other than he is a French Bulldog cross and about four years old, and I have some questions for the rescue just as they have questions for me: what does he like to eat, does he have any allergies, what’s he like with other dogs, &c. &c. &c. I’m having a hell of a time trying to create a healthy and welcoming environment for an individual I know only from a picture on a website. Good thing I am far too indolent to consider online dating which must be 1000x worse.