I really love this as a paean to endurance racing, and every bit of it is true. But at the same time, let’s also recall the shorter stuff that’s gained it’s own loyal fanbase and well earned respect. I may not get into NHRA drag racing, but I sure as HELL respect it. Keeping those monstrously powered beasts in line is no easy feat, and the love both drivers and fans have for that niche of racing is both evident and worthy of respect.

Let’s also remember those Midgets, Modified, and other dirt track series. That’s another I don’t ever watch, but it’s yet another I respect for its enduring appeal to its fans. Series like those serve as a reminder that there is still such a thing as local races, and also that there’s still a set of series that’s totally for the common man.

And that doesn’t even begin to cover all that’s out there. Heck, it doesn’t even cover all motorsports; those rock crawling competitions are hardly races by Indy car, NASCAR, Weathertech/IMSA, WEC, or any other standard, but it’s sill an expression of love for the automobile all the same. I feel compelled to include stuff like that because it’s still another cousin in the auto sports loving family.

Yeah, there’s much to love in American autos ports. Even for a naturalized immigrant like me. It’s totally American, but at the same time it’s open to be embraced by far more than Americans, and it’s appeal extends similarly.