Yet Texas has insisted from the outset that HB2 protects women’s health, adding extra protections for vulnerable women in the era of Kermit Gosnell, something the state believes that it is uniquely empowered to do.


The reason the Kermit Gosnell case was as horrifying as it was was that the state of Pennsylvania fell down on the job. His ‘clinic’ (I loathe to even use that word to describe that horror show) was not inspected, and complaints by former patients and ex-staff were not followed up on. Lack of government follow-up = disaster. Not the same thing as the clinics these God-awful laws were intentionally written to target and to close. Using that case as a reason to restrict abortion access for women is not only dishonest, but fucking insulting to the women you’re attempting to ‘protect’.

Stop infantilizing women, assuming they don’t really want abortions, but they’re there anyway, boo hoo we need to save them from themselves. Bullshit. Women who want/need an abortion know what their needs are. Stop treating them like they don’t.