I watch Le Mans for the magic and mystique. I watch the whole damn thing every year. Knowing the stresses the machines and tires endure, as well as the drivers and crew, is absolutely fascinating. I saw @RobertG ‘s (dont know how to tag maybe this is right) post and I wholeheartedly agree that I feel compelled watch and participate. The insane flywheel capacitor tech is super cool, the sound of straight cut gears for hours on end, watching four races at once, knowing the heritage of individual teams, the triumph and tragedy, the fanfare and culture, etc. There is no end to the reasons I love Le Mans.

F1 is boring to me, so the only racing that even interests me anymore are MotoGP (GO ROSSI!!!!), BTCC, WEC obviously, and less-than-legal racing held on public highways late at night - which I dont participate in - such as TX2K. I live in Houston currently, so I’ve made the sacred pilgrimage to COTA to see both F1 and MotoGP and I’m hoping I can catch the WEC race this year.