If I have to pick just one.... I’m heading to work during my first winter back in Michigan. By this time I’ve already had two other winter accidents in the past few months.

I’m traveling down 96, with a good distance from the car in front of me. Their brake lights come on, no biggie, I’ll brake as wel....nope, not happening. I hit a big patch of black ice. As my car quickly closed the gap, I had to make a split second decision; crash into the other car, or yank the steering wheel to the right hoping for the tires to grip. I do the latter. The car sharply turns right, and it dies a 360 as it plummets into the deep snow back. The story doesn’t end there.

I called for a row, it’ll be an hour. No biggie, my car still was running. 10 minutes later it died. I waited 1.5 hours for a truck, in 10 F too. I was freezing and urinating into pop bottles (because two cups of coffee will do that to you).

It will be in my best interest to never repeat the experience again.