I had an beater 87 K5 for a couple of years that was a dedicated trail rig. Nothing really crazy done to it other than a 4" leaf spring lift and 35" tires. Anyway about 15 years ago I was out with a buddy wheeling the local mountains which was a popular area, and the trail we were on completely eroded as I drove over it, causing the K5 to slide with an avalanche of dirt into the trees past the low side of that trail. Needless to say I was totally fucked without some help.

We tried to get it out with a couple of other rigs with winches and tow straps, but the trail made a hairpin turn right before my vehicles spot, so there wasnt any real efficient line of sight to tug at it. Since the trail had literally disintegrated, there was no way of getting at from the front side. The good news was I ended up finding a tow truck company that had a big enough rig to muscle it out of the trees for a decent price.

Well that all came to a crashing halt when we all got stopped at the gate by a ranger, saying he wouldnt allow the tow truck to pull the K5 out because they didnt want to ruin any of the precious shrubs that no one gives a shit about. So after a couple of weeks going back and forth with the head ranger, he finally gave me the most bullshit ultimatum available. Either the K5 stays where it is, or I hire an industrial helicopter to lift it off the hill for $13k.

Well 15 years later after a bunch of wild life fires and mud slides its gone further and further down the hill, and here it sits from google maps.

Anyone own a helicopter that I can borrow?