Back in the late 80's, I had my first car stolen, a Mk2 Ford Escort (I live in the UK, and back then in a fairly small town). At the time, these things were worth next to nothing, but you could unlock and start them with a spoon handle, so I had a hidden fuel cut-off switch fitted under the dash. Anyone nicking it would get half a mile or so, and then it’d stall, which is what happened.

I got a call from the police after a few hours to say they’d found it in a side street, and when I went I found they’d stolen my speakers and all of my cassettes(!) out of it.

I then got a further bizarre phone call from them a few hours after that, asking what my favourite bands were. Mentioning Gorilla Biscuits, Minor Threat and Ministry amongst others, they then said they’d been round to one of the usual suspect’s houses, and found a bag of ‘odd tapes’ which fitted the description, along with some speakers.

In short, liking odd music got my speakers back.