I get a call at the office from my insurance company one day telling me that they’ve recovered my stolen car. I tell them they must be mistaken because I didn’t report a car stolen - then they begin to verify my information and it just starts crushing me as I realize it’s actually my car that was stolen the night before. I street park my car, so I don’t always walk by it each day when I go to work. It was my 1999 Acura Integra GS-R Sedan. To this day, it’s still the single car that I’ve clocked the most miles behind the wheel of. I personally put 140,000 miles on that car - still running impeccably with the original everything except wear parts, the radiator and master clutch cylinder. I repaired all those things myself. I loved it. I still do. The detective calls me to conduct an interview. Apparently some 17 year old kid stole it, let the cops on a chase and ended up smashing it into a telephone pole. The insurance company cut me a check, and I eventually got a different car.

Fast forward to 6 years and two cars later, and I move to a new neighborhood across the river, and what do I see parked in front of my new apartment? A midnight blue 4-door Acura Integra. I walk up to it to check it out, because of course I love that car. Then I start to notice little things - a small square dent in the trunklid, from when I got lovetapped by a delivery van with bumper guards. A small streak in the rear quarter where someone sideswiped my car in a lot. Then I peek in, and there is the small tear in the door panel from when I loaded a shelf in the car on a trip back from college. It was my car! My baby. It had come back from the dead and followed me to my new place. I was so excited to see that car there, and that someone else was enjoying it. I also remembered that when I packed for my move, I found my old Haynes manual for it. I quickly ran upstairs, dug it up and put it under the guy’s wiper with a note that said “Take care of her”.

I don’t often believe in mysticism or fate - but moments like that make it really hard for me to deny it. I miss you, Integra. You were a great and loyal friend to me.