Vote: Plan to Eat (mobile app in development)

Why: If you don't mind spending some $, I really enjoy this cloud based, web clipping, recipe importing and sharing, menu planning, grocery shopping list creating tool. I like that I can share with others and the user base tends to be pretty focused. There are numerous folks with special diets, so if I need something gluten free for a family member, I stand a high likelihood of finding a great recipe without hours of web search.

This is browser based, so I don't have to download anything to my desktop, which I like even more. The web clipper is awesome.

There is no mobile app yet (the site detects access from mobile devices and has a quick function so you can save a link directly to your home), so I'm sure that's points off for some people—but I don't use my phone for grocery list on the go anyway. I'm an old and I still like printing out my grocery list—in part because cell service in some stores is erratic in my area.