Vote: ZipListWhy: I use this from my laptop and android phone. I love that I can add things to a list on the fly using my voice to text on my phone. The list is sorted by department in the store and as you add things (or decide not to get them) you can check them off, empty your cart when you are done and retain things you skipped or couldn't find. I love that I can add recipes from almost every site so far (the few that I couldn't I was able to use the super easy "create a recipe" feature). I love that I can add recipes to the list or to the meal plan. I love that when you DO add something, it presents the ingredient list to you before adding everything to the shopping list so you can uncheck stuff you have. In most cases, the ingredients get added to the list in the amount each recipe calls for so you can shop accurately.

Since I started using Ziplist, we are heating much more healthfully because I always have what I need on hand, I throw out less food because I don't look at something and wonder why I got it and I fine that I am shopping more efficiently because I am not accidentally stockpiling stuff I don't use.

Ziplist is incredibly intuitive and since I have it in both places (and can add to my tablet if I decide I need it) I am never without my lists and plans so I can be super organized all the time.