Vote: Winegard FL5500A FlatWave

Why: I picked this up at Costco for $40 (same price as Mohu on Amazon, but granted, the Winegard is $60 on Amazon).

Construction: Flimsy, very thin, and the coaxial cable feels a lot less substantial than regular ones. This has the option to power using USB or outlet though, which is nice, and probably allows it to be used with a computer's TV tuner more easily as well. Probably as un-intrusive as the Mohu. It also comes with two Command strips to hang it up with, which was nice, because I can't find my stash anymore.

Use: Very good. Picked up more channels than the channel scan on the Mohu website said I could pick up, but I haven't tried a side-by-side test with the Mohu or any other indoor antenna in my actual apartment yet. NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX, and public stations broadcast in HD with only a few hiccups during bad weather. Overall, very smooth, and very easy to install.