Vote: Mohu Leaf

Why: I could go with their newly released Mohu Curve on this one, but I really have to nominate the one I personally prefer and have had good experiences with. The Leaf is easy to set up, simple to install, doesn't look out of place even when it's attached to the wall, and can be used amplified or unamplified (if you get the amped version). Best of all, I get a ridiculous number of channels with them. I have two - one for the living room and one for the bedroom, and in addition to streaming TV like Netflix and Hulu, I hardly miss cable.

Lucky for me, here in the DC area, I get tons of over the air channels; more than a lot of places, and more international and foreign language channels at that, thanks to all of the embassies and everyone broadcasting their own takes on the news and documentary programming (not to mention all the PBS affiliates in the vicinity and so on), so it's easy to go without and still find something interesting to watch.