There were three things which converted me into a Batman fan as a kid in 1992.

There was Batman Returns, Batman The Animated Series, and a paperback copy of The Untold Legend of the Batman as written by you. So thanks for helping to give me something to love for the last couple decades.

That said, I have a question you which might be kind of dicey, but it's honestly one I've wondered about for quite some time:

Alan Moore said in an 2006 interview with Wizard magazine than when he ran the idea of crippling Barbara Gordon by you as an editor, you replied with 'Yeah, okay, cripple the bitch.'

Barbara Kesel, who wrote the last Batgirl story before The Killing Joke, also noted in an interview a couple years ago that she felt the decision to take one of the superhero gerne's most recognizable female characters was made rather flippantly behind the scenes.

As an editor, was the decision to cripple Barbara Gordon made as swiftly and lightly as those two narrative suggested, or were there significant considerations being made behind the scenes leading up to final approval for Moore?