You speak of repulsiveness, but your message of F—K YOU is so vile I can just picture the spittle coming out of your mouth as you say it. I don't know if the Pirates are your team, but you certainly act like one of their fans, who booed each and every Cardinals batter as they stepped to the plate.

You are of a generation that does not know how to be polite or even civil with those you disagree with. You cannot make a logical argument about any topic, you simply hurl epithets at anyone who does not agree with you: CARDINALS SUCK! F—K YOU! GO TO HELL! ST. LOUIS IS A S—T HOLE!

Cubs fans are just as loyal to their team, yet you don't seem to have a problem with that. Is that because their team has suffered for so many years and you are sympathetic with that? Is the problem that the Cardinals have enjoyed so much success over the past century? Red Sox Nation are as loyal and rabid fans as there are, and would suggest that Fenway Park is akin to a shrine. Their team has enjoyed a rebirth in the past decade and ran roughshod over the rest of the American League this year. You don't express any vitriol regarding their team or fan base, so it doesn't seem that you despise their success.

Maybe what you take exception to is the fact that Cardinals fans are the antithesis of you. During their home games against the Pirates in the division series Cardinals fans didn't boo the opposing batters, they didn't chant derisively at the opposing pitcher. Cardinals fans love their team, but in general they also love the game of baseball and respect their opponent. Are there some exceptions to that? Of course, not every single Cardinal fan subscribes to these sentiments, but as a whole the statement is very true. The Cardinals organization embodies these same characteristics. They show respect for the game and the teams they face. They are gracious in both victory and defeat. This is why the Cardinals and their fans are great.