First and foremost, my question is: do you watch the same baseball I do? And if you do, are you drunk or high on drugs whilst doing so? The Cardinals beat the Pirates because they are BETTER than them. And now the fans are going to brand the Cardinals as underdogs? Last time I checked, they weren't the underdogs in this situation. And last time I checked they certainly weren't "fucking awful." Where do you get off saying that? I suspect your team has millions of World Series titles if you are able to say that they are awful. A team with the 3rd most wins definitely is not awful. Did you watch the same games I did??

Next, let's talk fans, and oh boy do you make me angry. We are the best fans in baseball because we believe in our time regardless of the month. If you want to compare Cardinals and Pirates, look at their fanbase! Look who suddenly had a stadium full of people cheering for them, not the Cardinals. We stand behind our team no matter what and if that doesn't scream a good fanbase, I don't know what does. And sorry that you "don't trust an organization that has a Way named after it" but I don't see anyone from St. Louis criticizing other cities' street names. If that's really the only argument you have against us as fans, that's weak.

You say St. Louis is a fucking dump? THIS ARTICLE is a fucking dump. Please look at all the facts before you say such horridly false things about a city and a team you know NOTHING about. You can say I'm biased all you want as a born and bred St. Louis girl but after watching as many games as I have in my 18 years of life and after being to several games in other various stadiums I can say for a fact that what you're saying about my team and my city IS GARBAGE. You sir need to do some serious reevaluating of your perspective on baseball. Please never speak of the Cardinals again unless you gain some kind of understanding of what the team and the city are about. I honestly lost brain cells whilst reading this article and I'm skipping studying for an exam because my city and team needed to be defended so badly to a man who doesn't know what he's talking about. Gain some knowledge on the game and the team and get back to me.


P.S Yeah, we are classy folks. The first draft of this response had curse words out the wazoo but I'm holding myself back because I, as a Cardinal fan, am better than that.