Everyone that is bashing the cardinals is because you're jealous! Yes we love our team because they work hard to get where they are. Even some of the cub players wishes their fans were like ours! So instead of bashing a awesome team, maybe you should get there and support your team more!
Not all cards fan are mean, rude , selfish and not all cards fans are white!!!!
You people disgust me with the this hate ! It's just a baseball team! There is other things in this world to bash like the government and etc.
Learn to grow up and move on and if you just hate this team so much then don't talk about us! Don't watch us! We don't care!!!!
Sorry we can't help that we have the best baseball team ! Like I said before if it was your team , u wouldn't be hating but since it's not u have to hate and be jealous but thank you from me and cardinal nation making us center of ur attention! :) let's go cards!!!! :)