Hard to know where to start with so much wrong with the substance of the message.

Let's see -

1. I don't blame the author for this specifically because I've heard this from other sources - The Cardinals are NOT fielding a top ten payroll. At the beginning of the season the Cardinals were actually at $87 million, and that's before Garcia went down, so they're likely fielding something less than that now.

2. "Talking Teddy Ruxpin" is redundant.

3. Yankees (for the most part) are horrible, but not because they're Yankees fans, but because they're (again for the most part) from New York.

4. I don't give my neighbors Jell-O, I bake and give them brownies or sometimes my grandmother's recipe for gooey butter cake.

5. If you want to hang yourself, consult a professional.

6. No place is a "paradise" but the midwest at large is definitely more family friendly and stable than most cities that exist near an ocean.

7. "...the Cardinals don't like it when another team like the Pirates or Nationals dares to threaten their self-appointed status as America's Baseball Sweethearts..." There is no fun in it when there is no competition. Winning can't be fun without the threat of losing. I want the threat of a loss or else it isn't real. Surely Yankees/Dodgers/Angels/Red Sox fans are at least acquainted with the term "reality"...right? Oh no, I'm sorry, that's what the rest of us exist in, where victories are earned, and not purchased with $150 - $200+ million dollar payrolls and Billion dollar TV contracts.

8. I have bad news for you, at less than half of the Dodger's payroll, and team full of rookies, the Cardinals are the underdogs. It's not even up for debate, it's a fact.

9."The Cardinals are fucking awful..." Really? Based on what criteria? A cynical person that thinks reality is tattoos, piercings and general misery? Someone that thinks it’s normal and appropriate to have to depend on Xanax to live from one day to the next? Someone that thinks the Kardashians are the paramount example of role-models?

10. “… whenever you tell Leitch to ‘GO TO HELL’, he acts like you're the asshole! " I don’t even know Will Leitch, but if someone walks up to me and tells me to go to hell, I would primarily admire their nerve, but yeah, s/he is an asshole. Seems like a normal response to me.

I don't seek pats on the head from anyone, I don't seek glory for my team. I seek one thing: a fundamental change in baseball so every team has a shot at October baseball. If you think baseball is just fine the way it is, then go enjoy your glorified beer league visa vie a four team mega-rich confluence of shampoo salesman. The rest of us want baseball, and will stubbornly do things correctly, aka the right way.