This is my first reply to a blog and even replying is feeding into this writers plan, but....what the hell. It is quite obvious why this article was written. As the only thing this National-Esquire-Shock-Media-Title is missing is a nude jumpsuit and an over sized Foam Finger. (Which you can purchase at Busch you know we're #1..) The issue that i have with this article is not that this journalist doesn't like the Cardinals. I could care less what he thinks about my team and unfortunately he is not going to change the mind of any Cardinal fan reading. However, a smart play by him to criticize as he cited a Nationwide fan base of people at the absolute perfect time. Why is now the perfect time? Because contrary to belief, Cardinals fans are not egotistical maniacs that feel they deserve every win. A lot of of were very nervous last night. Why would the "Cardinal Nation" be nervous? Because as many titles as we have won, as much as we may deserve to be in the playoffs, deep down inside behind all the cheering and towel waving, and yes layers & layers & layers of red clothing...we feel...well...Lucky to be there. In a season where we lost one of the biggest players in our Franchise history, lost the biggest General Managers in our Franchise history, benched from injuries one of the biggest pitchers in our franchise + a bunch of young talent & a 1st year GM....Sweet Jesus we could still win this thing. What "Sports Fan"wouldn't get behind that team and that story. So as i applaud your smart journalism move as we Cardinals Fans played right into your hand....Sharing on Facebook, Tweeting about this article, etc. but I know the truth. Yes, you write about sports for a living and this article works in a world full of wannabe journalist trying to make a splash. But in a week this article won't matter, but the Cardinals and their fans will still be here and don't worry, we'll be alright. Because if there is one thing you may hate about the Cardinals is....Those M-F**&ers just. don't. stop.