If the STL Cardinals sucked as bad as you say, why are they in the playoffs? This is just downright ridiculous. Everything that you said in this article is based on STL's fans, not based on how the Cardinals perform on the field. You defined "fan" as overly confident.. of course they are going to be confident in their team. THATS WHAT A FAN IS. Whoever you are, you just seem bitter, and slightly jealous that the Cardinals continue to make it to the post season. They are a damn good team, along with every other MLB team. Some are just a bit better than others. And yes, I am a Cardinal Fan. I have lived about 45 minutes from St. Louis since I was born. St. Louis is NOT a dump, maybe in some parts but that's just like every other damn City in the US. They have their good sides and their bad sides. I have played ball since I was 7, and looked up to the Cardinals from the start (Even though I am a girl and played softball). Yes The Cardinals have have a few bad years, but listen here.. THEY HAVE BEEN IN THE PLAYOFFS FOR THE PAST THREE YEARS, and I have witnessed them win the World Series twice now and I'm 21 years old. I'd say that's a pretty damn good team, and their fans should be confident. So grow up! I have no idea if they will make it to the World Series this year, they have a good chance just like all the other teams, but no one can deny the fact that the Cardinals have worked their ass' off to get where they are now (not saying the other teams haven't)...Posting this disgusting article doesn't make you look intelligent, nor is it going to make the Cardinals fans stop what they are doing.. so please hold your breath... Douche.