There are serious flaws in every part of this article so I'll just start from the top and work my way down. The Cardinals will label themselves underdogs against the Dodgers because that's exactly what they are. Despite finishing ahead of LA in the regular season, and having homefield advantage the Vegas bookmakers list the Dodgers as a favorite to win the series, and also list the Cardinals behind the Red Sox to win the world series, and if Detroit wins game 5 tonight they will be behind Detroit too most likely and thus the fourth favorite AKA underdogs.

This series is comparable to them vs the Pirates. The Pirates payroll is $66 mil, the Cards have a payroll of $116 mil, and the Dodgers boast a payroll of $216 mil in 2013. The Cardinals actually have a less percentage of the LAD payroll then PIT had of the STL payroll... 66(PIT)/116(STL)=57%, 116(STL)/216(LAD)=53%. So yeah STL is a top-10 payroll but nowhere near the Dodgers payroll.

In regards to the "sabermetric punching bag David Eckstein" he was the World Series MVP in 2006.

If the Cardinals are not the best fans in baseball then they are at least in the discussion, part of this is due to the lack of professional sports teams in St. Louis to compete with. The Rams and Blues haven't been in St. Louis for nearly as long as the Cardinals so it is clearly a Cardinals town. Busch Stadium year in and year out has one of the highest attendances, and is one of the top venues to see a game. Don't take my word for it though next time the Cardinals are on TV pay attention to what the announcers say I'm sure it will be positive about the fans.

The "Cardinal Way" is referring to their lack of huge off-season signings and the emergance of the younger guys in their farm system getting called up and making a huge impact (see David Freese/Allen Craig 2011 postseason). Yes they do have a couple big signings from time to time (Matt Holliday, Carlos Beltran) but the majority of their lineup are relative no namers outside of St. Louis (Jon Jay, Matt Adams, Pete Kozma, Matt Carpenter). And their pitching staff is the same way with great young talent Joe Kelly. Shelby Miller, Trevor Rosenthal. Michael Wacha the 22 year old who threw 7 innings of 1 hit ball against the Pirates with the season on the line was acquired from the Angels draft pick as a result of the Albert Pujols deal. So you may not "trust any organization that has a 'Way' named after it" but you should because the Cardinals get results. What else would you call it anyway? It's not how the Yankees, Dodgers, Angels operate and it certainly isn't how the Cubs operate. People have no problem giving the A's credit for the "Moneyball" teams why can't the Cardinals have their "way"?

I don't understand how Bernie Milaskryzewski saying the Pirates will be good for the foreseeable future, and implying how they will be better because of this experience rubs you the wrong way. If he rips the Pirates he is considered a jerk, and if he says something positive about the Pirates he is a fraud who in reality is an arrogant jerk. Maybe he shouldn't publish anything next time it's not like its his job or anything.

St. Louis obviously isn't the best city but most big cities aren't. Everyone says they hate the Cardinals for reasons other than they win a lot. But the truth is no one talks bad about a loser or a team that isn't great. There aren't going to be any deadspin articles on the Blue Jays or Brewers anytime soon. Losers will always hate winners, and will nitpick and try and find any excuse to not like them or not root for them.