I get it. The author has a tiny penis and no real athletic ability - so he writes crap like this to stir the pot and make himself feel like a tough guy. Just because you hit your peak in high school doesn't mean you should resort to mouthing off about things you don't understand. I'm originally from California, where baseball fans show up in the 3rd inning and leave in the 7th. Since I've lived in Saint Louis - I've become a huge fan and respect their organization. It's a business first and foremost and they run it well. For the moron that said the team is owned by InBev — you're a great example of a pin-head that probably shouldn't be allowed to have internet access. Budweiser, Busch or InBev are in no way owners of the team. They have naming rights to the stadium and a long history with the team. Unlike most cities - Cardinal fans know the game of baseball and unlike many of the ignorant sports fans (90 percent of these commenters) - we appreciate good baseball and respect people that play the game well, no matter what team they're on. But, again, I know none of this matters because riling people up is your "shtick". You weren't smart enough to a doctor or anything else of real value - so you write your little website. Congrats!