Someone had a bad night.

It seems like we have to deal with this a lot. Generally we're sincerely nice and for whatever reason some people just don't like nice people. Because of that they have to take a big steaming pile on it because you are, in fact, just an asshole.

The whole thing is just a projection, sprinkled with a tiny bit of jealousy throughout. It's ok to be nice, we can be friendly. Even in today's cynical world, you don't have to augment your credibility by looking for things to be a dick about.

And just for the record, the Cardinals have the 14th highest payroll - middling - and that payroll accounts for less than half of what the Dodgers spend. So yeah, underdog.

Also, of course STL has it's issues. Down town in particular. But the region is quite nice.

Don't get so down buddy. Have a nice day!